Prepare File for Printing

Prepare File for Printing

There are a number of requirements that your file must meet in order for your printed project to be produced correctly. These requirements include:

     Proper File Format

     Proper File Size and Resolution (DPI)

     Correct Colour Mode

     A 1/8" Bleed Around Your Image and 1/8" Safety Margin For Your Content

Proper File Format:

  Files can typically be saved in multiple file formats from your design program.

  Please submit your files in PDF or JPG format. If you are printing a 2-sided project, both designs (Side 1 and Side 2) can be saved in a single file, or in two separate files.

Proper File Size and Resolution:

  In order for your file to be output correctly with the highest quality result, your file must be saved in the correct size and resolution. 

  Please ensure that your file matches the dimensions specified (including bleed) for your selected product at 100%. For example, this means at full size, the file for a 3.5 x 2" business card design should be 3.75 x 2.25".

Correct Colour Mode:

  Colour Mode defines how the colours of your design will appear on paper. Different outputs require different colour modes, with the most common being RGB and CMYK. RGB colour mode is used for monitors, while CMYK is used for print.

  Please ensure that your file is saved in CMYK colour mode. This can be done in the settings of your design software, and is a crucial step in ensuring that the colours of your design are proccessed properly.

A 1/8'' Bleed and Safety Margin:

  Bleed refers to the extra allowance around your design, which compensates for minor printing errors which may occur. Please ensure that you include a 1/8" bleed around your final design, in addition to the final file dimensions. For example, the file size for a business card with a final size of 3.5 x 2" would be 3.75 x 2.25". 

  The Safety Margin outlines the area of your file in which all important text and images must be contained. Please ensure that there is a 1/8" safety margin within your submitted file. If objects are not kept within the safety margin, they may be trimmed off during printing.

  For more information on how to prepare your file with a correct bleed, please refer to the diagrams below: